Maim Street

(Art Director, Creative Lead)

In association with So Choice Softworks, Tony helped build the iOS and Android game Maim Street. The hyperviolent crosswalk simulator was featured by Apple in their Best New Games category. It's also got a bazooka in it. Pew pew!


(Art Director, Creative Lead)

Finally, a game that answers the age old question: "What if Homeward Bound was about a living chainsaw instead of some boring dogs?"  This iOS and Android game was successfully funded through Kickstarter (and featured in their Projects We Love section). A chainsaw named Waynesaw? What's not to love!

Strange Trails Comic

(Illustrator, Cowriter)

Devised as a limited edition promotional tie-in to the vinyl release of the Lord Huron album Strange Trails, this throwback horror comic tells a sordid tale supernatural revenge. The book was later adapted into a music video which you can watch here.

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