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Creative Director,  Lord Huron

In support of acclaimed indie-rock band Lord Huron’s 2021 Bilboard chart topping album Long Lost, I directed surreal music videos, animated abstract song visualizers, and produced memorable performance segments for television. 


To translate the band’s unique visual identity safely and affordably during the Covid-19 pandemic, I designed and built sets, assumed all post production duties, and built custom props. I even hand-painted a ventriloquist dummy and somehow made it... creepier? Who even thought that was possible!

CP Interactive Video, BuzzFeed

As part of BuzzFeed’s creative team for the interactive Eko video platform, I concepted and directed episodes for Walmart Cookshop. Unbelievably, I exercised profound restraint and did not eat any of the food. Amazing!

Additionally, I oversaw the completion of a suite of original animated games, and created shows and crafted scripts for Camp by Walmart, a one-of-a-kind web experience featuring LeBron James, Neil Patrick Harris, and Drew Barrymore.

EP Live Linear Video

As EP of Live Linear Video at CollegeHumor, I produced over 100 hours of live and live-to-tape comedy content. I whipped up sold-out events, directed live show series, and made a ton of other stuff I can’t link to because it’s behind a paywall! Drat!

In addition to live video, I founded the video department for CollegeHumor’s Dorkly, and grew the nascent channel to over 3 million subscribers. I animated videos, hosted others, and wrote a few things so grotesque that they even still surprise me. What was I thinking...


Hey—speaking of grotesque things! I was a series creator and writer for hilarious-and-occasionally-heartfelt comics on CollegeHumor’s DROPOUT subscription service. Though the series have ended, legend says they will appear to those who are pure of spirit. Or those who click this link.


Writer/Illustrator, AmazingSuperPowers

One of the most influential webcomics of the 2000s and 2010s, the absurdist strips of AmazingSuperPowers drew tens of thousands of visitors each week. My comics were syndicated across Funny or Die, BuzzFeed, and—get this—even newspapers. Like, on paper!

AmazingSuperPowers was a also segment contributor to Comedy Central’s Triptank, and published a collected edition called Catalog of Regret. It’s like internet that you can touch with your hands! 

Creative Lead/Animator,
So Choice Softworks

On the topic of things you can touch with your hands, I was creative design lead and sole artist on mobile games Waynesaw and Maim Street. Featured on Apple’s New Games We Love section, the So Choice games slapped together a lovely gruesome comedic sensibility with tight gameplay.

Miniature Artist

Resultant of a lifelong fascination with miniatures, I have started building my own scale-model environments. Not all of them are Taco Bell, but at least a couple are. I’ve built miniatures on contract for webseries and music videos, and am open to commissions for custom pieces. Perhaps a Taco Bell?

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