(Creator, Cowriter)

This grotesque parody of Pokemon set in the filthy and fevered streets of 1800s London has amassed over 3 million views and gained a cult following on YouTube. A second season has been written and is currently seeking a new home. Watch here.

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The Legend of Jared

(Creator, Cowriter)

A six-part digital comic book series developed for CollegeHumor’s DROPOUT,  The Legend of Jared is the largely regrettable tale of a purple internet troll on a relentless odyssey to de-meme-ify himself. Read here.

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(Illustrator, Cowriter)

One of the most popular and influential webcomics of the 2000’s, AmazingSuperPowers has an unmistakable and uniquely absurd voice. Catalog of Regret is the collected edition of the site’s greatest hits, it can be purchased here.

Ladies Book Club


Based off the popular Drawfee YouTube series and adapted for CollegeHumor’s DROPOUT, Ladies Book Club follows three high-fantasy friends on a delightfully dangerous road trip through the United Kingdoms of Somewherica. Read here.

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