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Dorkly Bits

(Producer, Voice Director)

With hundreds of millions of YouTube views, Dorkly Bits is one of the most immediately recognizable and beloved animated YouTube series. Tony produced and provided voice direction for over a hundred episodes of the immensely popular series.

The Drawfee Game Jam

(Producer, Director)

In collaboration between Crunchyroll and Drawfee, the Drawfee Game Jam brought 15 video game developers from all over the world to participate in a marathon, weekend-long game development session. At the end, five incredible games were completed (one which is played using Jello cups)! Watch the documentary summary of the weekend here.

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CH Media Live

(EP Live Linear Video)

As EP of live video production at CH Media, Tony produced sold out live events like Dimension 20 at the Bellhouse, and developed and directed dozens of hours of live-to-tape content.

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(Creator, Director)

In partnership with Reddit, PhotoChop’d is the ultimate [extremely low stakes] reality competition show. The only thing more incredible than combining the high energy format of Chopped with the pixel-pushing power of Photoshop is that neither of those two brands tried to sue over the name. Watch the pilot here.

Today in Nerd History

(Producer, Host, Cowriter)

Casting a light into every dark and cobwebbed corner of nerd culture, Today in Nerd History is one of the most prominent series in fandom. With over a hundred episodes, and tens of millions of views, TINH leaves no dorky stone unturned. Check one out here.

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Dorkly Originals

(Creator, Animator, Director)

Truckers who love anime. Garfield with chainsaw nunchucks. The insane true story behind 50 Shades of Grey. Each Dorkly Original is a bizarre fever dream that somehow leaves you wanting more. Try an episode on for size here.

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